Live to Give: Center for Brain Health – The Most Powerful Weapon {Video}


Photo and video / Center for BrainHealth

It started with the blast of a triple-stacked land mine, followed by 46 operations and a diagnosis of traumatic brain injury and PTSD.

Retired Marine Jacob Schick lost part of his hand, arm and leg, and something much worse. “As I like to say, they are the gifts that keep on giving, because the mental pain I’ve experienced was 10 times worse than the physical pain,” said this warrior.

After countless hours of recuperation and rehabilitation, Schick found performance brain training at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas.

“The program is tactical training for your brain. As a warrior, I was taught how to master different weapon systems. Through the high performance brain training, I’ve learned how to master the most powerful weapon I have – my brain,” Schick said.

While the recovery process is never ending, there is tremendous hope for continued improvement in both brain health and quality of life.

“My passion lies in helping my fellow warriors regain their drive and determination and enhance their cognitive performance,” said Schick, who is now a Warrior Relations Specialist at the Center for BrainHealth and Brain Performance Institute.

This month, we are pleased to shine the light on many of the servant leaders making our community better and stronger. And we do this not just to thank them, but also to inspire others to roll up their sleeves and help in some way. To learn more about #LiveToGiveThisHoliday, click here.

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