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4700 Preston Road


Distinguished Architects Honored at Home Tour


The Crow home will be open to tour on April 12 as part of the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society annual home tour. 

When Al McClendon walks in the kitchen of his childhood home, he can still see where he sat at meals with his family. The kitchen in the historic home has since been expanded, but the home’s character and for McClendon, who chairs the Park Cities Historic and Preservation Society, the childhood memories remain.

For many historic Park Cities homes restoring them to their original condition is not financially feasible, nor would it make the homes as livable as the owners want. So the Preservation Society advocates that instead of tearing down a decades-old home, owners should contract with architects and builders who have the talent and experience to maintain the bones of the original house, while expanding it to include larger rooms, updated kitchens and baths and even more closets, McClendon said.

Several of the most skilled historic preservation architects will be honored as part of the 12th Annual Historic Home Tour on April 12.
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